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Artist Statement

“Glass rewards careful planning, creative thinking and avid determination in a medium that is endlessly and spectacularly fascinating.” unknown author

A visual communication artist by training, I took one mosaic class 15 years ago and never looked back. I have worked with paint, charcoal, oil pastels and computer graphics but mesmerized by glass. Stained glass is a beautiful medium to work with and my interest is using the material as a paint, to create an image using cut pieces of stained glass. My vision is to create a picture that that is entirely made of glass while focusing on complex layering of form and careful crafting of space and depth

My love of stained glass lead me to working with molten glass with a focus on making glass beads. Melting and sculpting beautifully patterned beads using a flame-working torch can be challenging and time consuming but the final product is worth the effort. My speciality is to design and craft glass blown and flame-worked beads to be used in unique jewelry designs and serving utensils for your home.

My latest artwork is working with cold glass powder and crushed glass, a process called glass casting or kiln casting. The powder and crushed glass is placed over a mold inside a kiln. The kiln is brought up to molten temperatures, causing the glass to flow into the mold. The glass object is annealed and cooled as the kiln is slowly brought back down to room temperature. When the solidified casting is taken out of the mold the next day, it undergoes a process called cold working. The glass cast piece is polished using a belt sander and grinder. Depending on the look and style of the piece, I use a sandblaster to create different textures and patterns. For my cast glass boxes, I drill holes in the top of the boxes and add my flame-worked beads.

Building a glass art studio has been a life-long dream and I find myself adding more tools and toys while continually improving the space. My studio is a place where I dream big, “Zen” into my work and continue to explore new ways to express myself through glass.” My studio’s are located in Dedham, MA.


About the Artist

Yvette Lillge earned a B.A. in Visual Communications from Loyola University in Chicago. After graduating, she worked as a graphic designer and multimedia artist for Design Access and IDG “Dummies” books. She left the world of graphic arts to pursue a Masters Degree in Health Education. Though she still works full time during the day, her weeknights and weekend days are committed to designing and creating new glass artwork.

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Yvette Lampworking.
Yvette Lampworking.
Yvette Lillge Glass Artist Hibiscus and Sun Mosaic at Needham Public Library
Yvette’s mosaic pieces featured at the Needham Public Library Art Show 2016.