Bio / Artist Statement

Artist Statement

“Glass rewards careful planning, creative thinking and avid determination in a medium that is endlessly and spectacularly fascinating.” unknown author

A visual communication artist by training, I took one mosaic class 15 years ago and never looked back. I have worked with paint, charcoal, oil pastels and computer graphics but memorized by stained glass. Crafting a stained glass mosaic painting requires commitment, vision, and well thought out organization along with a lot of Band-Aids. My commitment to crafting stained glass mosaic paintings is to create mosaic paintings that convey complex layering of form, careful crafting of space and depth.

My desire for stained glass lead me to working with molten glass, sculpting various type beads behind a torch. Hot glass is pugnacious and unyielding that it creates a restricted set of confines for me to work my will on. Who knew that creating beautifully patterned glass beads can be so challenging. Some of my glass blown and flame worked beads are designed and crafted with my own sterling silver mountings, creating one-of-a-kind fine jewelry. 

My glass art studio has been a life-long dream and I’m constantly improving it and running out of space. It’s a place where I dream big, “Zen” into my work and continue to explore new ways to express myself through glass.” My studio is located in Dedham, MA.


About the Artist

Yvette Lillge earned a B.A. in Visual Communications from Loyola University in Chicago. After graduating, she worked as a graphic designer and multimedia artist for Design Access and IDG “Dummies” books. She left the world of graphic arts to pursue a masters degree in health sciences. Though she still works full time, she balances her job in Human Resources with designing new works of art throughout the year.

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Yvette Lampworking.
Yvette Lampworking.
Yvette Lillge Glass Artist Hibiscus and Sun Mosaic at Needham Public Library
Yvette’s mosaic pieces featured at the Needham Public Library Art Show 2016.